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I have a personal track record of some €3 billion of single asset transactions in Italy.  Here are some of the deals that I have done:
Galleria Borromea, Milan
Westfield Milan
Le Velle Shopping Centre & Millennium Entertainment Centre, Cagliari, Sardegna
Carrefour Shopping Centre Pavia
8 Gallery Shopping Centre, Torino
I am a specialist in Shopping Centre Investment.  If you want heads-up advice get in touch, I am happy to do confidential, initial consultancy sessions for free.
"expertise on the ground strengthened by a global perspective developed over two decades."

Commercial real estate transactions are a complex matrix and require careful management, experience and the right knowledge. I fully understand the delicate balance between de-risking transaction dynamics and maximising transaction proceeds.


The practical experience gained through Asset Management means I have a more realistic understanding of transaction analysis.  In today's market, whether buying or selling this experience is fundamental to keeping it real.  Giving specialist advice and insight into where real value lies and what needs to be done to develop hidden value, makes or breaks a deal.


As a niche player, I set out to nimble, reactive and accountable, that means you get me with no delegation to juniors.  I will roll up my sleeves and get the job done!  I am are also honest and will only work where I know I can add experienced value.  When necessary, I can build teams around projects, bringing in additional knowledge and experience.

What we do - how we can help
  1. Define Objectives: Analysis, Pre-Sale Commercial Due Diligence;

  2. Deal Strategy: Deal Structure - Pricing;

  3. Business Plan: Ideas, Development, Definition;

  4. Team Building: Professional Experience Selector;

  5. Segmentation & Targeting: Identification of Buyers / Sellers;

  6. Preparation: Marketing, DD Management;

  7. Reports: Acquisition Reports, Project Status;

  8. Execution: De-risking Process;

  9. Finance: full assistance, Selection,  DD Management, Completion;

  10. Negotiation: Full Assistance from offers to Sale Contract.

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