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PrimoRE is an Independent Asset Manager, specialising in Shopping Centres and focused on International Clients investing in commercial real estate in Italy.
"Shopping centres are amongst the most complex properties from an asset management perspective.  To create deep and lasting value, positioning is key and there lies the bigger intrigue of retail platforms and their multi-dimensional nature.  Despite their apparent inertia they are very sensitive and need constant proactive supervision and tweaking to keep ahead of the competition. 
This requires a vision, crafted through experience as well as intuition, qualities that still remain a hard grasp for algorithms & AI.  All assets have an ideal positioning that will enable them to flourish, but this is dynamic and changes over time.  The beauty lies in judging the correct correlation, but logic alone won't help, you'll need a bit of retail savvy too."

I believe that hands on ownership and getting stuck into the detail pays dividends.  Being a Local Partner is a great way to ensure interests remain aligned over time.

Since 2013 I have been joint Asset Manager for a major institutional international property Fund and we now have a consolidated track record and years of trust, see News.


"Management by Walking About" from the hey-day of M&S remains a compelling mantra.  I like to be present and intimately know the component parts of the assets.  I proactively and attentively manage the detail through experience, and have demonstrated that the right tweaks can lead to invigoration that in turn translates to increased footfall and turnover, and ceteris paribus, an increase in value.

What we do - how we can help

  1. Ownership Representation: Complete Local Interface;

  2. Define Objectives: Analysis, Strategy, Positioning;

  3. Business Plan: Annual Budgets, Constant Control, Market Awareness; 

  4. Leasing Plan: Data, Survey, Competition Analysis, Management of Service Providers;

  5. CapEx Plan: Design Assistance, Procurement, Finance Solutions, Project Management;

  6. Constant Improvement: Tweaking, Swot Analysis, Feasibility, Cost Benefit;

  7. Procurement Supervision: Selection of Service Companies, Contract Negotiation;

  8. Traders's Association: Ownership Representation; 

  9. Reports: Quarterly Reports, Ad hoc CapEx Reports;

  10. Financial Management: Cash Control, Payments, Financial Reporting.

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