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La Gustaria - a Bigger Better Foodcourt at Galleria Boromea

Updated: May 13, 2020

The vision was to enlarge and and re-style the Foodcourt on a tight budget, also ensuring the appalling acoustics were neutralised!

The GB-AM team developed a project, increasing seating from 200 to 320 while reducing the apparent density of seating as well as improving the aesthetics, comfort, privacy and variety of seating, we were also able to resolve the long standing acoustic problem.

Foodcourts should be attractive and accommodating to extend the trading hours of the restaurants outside the normal dining habits. We created a hub that allowed for meetings and activity that created inertia throughout the day.

The extension of the Foodcourt also included the addition of a Burger King Restaurant resulting from the downsizing of the 2nd floor of C&A. The Foodcourt now has capacity for 10 F&B operations.

Many thanks to the team from Lombardini 22 (design concept), TraumFabrik (execution) and Canali (contractors and design consultants).

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